QUEENS is a series I started shooting in 2012 when I realized how much my life in Berlin had changed over the last two years. Since I’d moved here in 2007 everything had been about having fun, finishing university, falling in and out of love, dancing the nights away but never had it seriously been about growing up.

Suddenly people where finishing their bachelor’s degrees, their master’s degrees, searching for jobs, realizing we would finally have to settle down into the place society had in check for us.

While I was talking to a lot of women in their mid twenties in Berlin, I saw how scared we all where, how much we wanted to become independent, strong women but didn’t even know on what grounds we stood at the moment.

Whenever I opened a magazine to see beautiful pictures of women in cute outfits, looking at the camera with sad eyes and seductively opened mouths I felt sick.

I realized photography had always been a way for me to idealize the world around me into something I wish my world would be, so i started QUEENS.

As the reassurance for myself and the portraited women that even thought we didn’t feel it yet, we would or could become the proud, self confident and amazing women we strived to be.

We might still be scared, but in the photograph we can see a strength that will hopefully remind us how our lives are not ending but just about to begin and that we will pull through whatever obstacles we’ll be facing in the years to come.